Mobile App Development

Sunset Supper App

Event App Creation

In 2019, I interned at 3rdThird Marketing where I was tasked with designing a mobile application for Pike Place Market. The app was used for their largest fundraiser of the year, The Sunset Supper. I spent the summer working with the Pike Place Market Foundation team, analyzing data from their previous fundraisers to determine which features to integrate into the app in order to create a meaningful digital experience for the user. This was an incredible opportunity where I got to work on all aspects of the app, from generating analytic reports from raw data, to prototyping and designing the user interface of the app.

The Sunset Supper app was created with a vision of providing guests with a complete culinary tour through the Sunset Supper event and to provide event guests with a seamless experience. The app’s primary feature was an interactive event map. This allowed guests to view all 112 chefs and vendors at the event on a digital map. From this map, guests could click on the vendors to view their menu items, see a short vendor overview, visit vendors websites', and add their favorites to a personalized ‘To-Do’ list.

The Sunset Supper app was a success with 457 unique downloads, 4,951 sessions, and a typical session duration lasting over one minute. The addition of the app helped streamline the event, and after The Sunset Supper I was able to pull data from the app and draw important insights and recommendations for future events.

The following report summarizes the project, shows screencaptures of a high-fidelity prototype of the app, and contains visuals of the final Sunset Supper app.